Atom Europe Service

Quality packaging

One of the most important aspects of an international move is the quality of the packaging. At Atom Europe Service, we select our packers and the quality of the materials used very carefully. Our teams benefit from comprehensive training and extensive experience in the art of handling the most valuable goods.

The packaging operations are carried out entirely at home using the best materials available: those we use are specifically designed to protect the effects during transport.

For example, each piece of furniture is individually wrapped, after dismantling, if necessary, in a bull-kraft paper cover to ensure optimal protection. More fragile furniture (lacquer, sofa, leather or fabric armchairs, etc.) are double wrapped with a layer of cardboard and a bull-kraft paper cover.

We have a wide range of specific boxes for books, porcelain, lampshades, paintings, linen, wine, or even the flat transport of clothes. For sea or land shipments, we also use vertical wardrobe boxes, in which the clothes travel suspended.


Fragile objects such as porcelain, glassware and knick-knacks are individually wrapped in non-acidic bubble wrap or tissue / white paper depending on their nature, then protected in double-walled « export » boxes.

Any object requiring special care (antiques, paintings, chandeliers, etc.) is individually protected in custom-made wooden boxes. Each box and each piece of furniture is then individually labelled or numbered, then a packing list is drawn up.